About the Project

The aim of the Project is to enable needy Torah scholars to win their bread with dignity while benefiting the entire community. Supporters of the Project have the merit of performing charity “צדקה” on the order of “metil bekis” (.מטיל בכיס (שבת סג, which is considered superior to giving a free gift (“nahama dekisufa” = “bread of shame”), or even to giving a loan.

Kollel students from all over the country (each one as part of his study program) are creating an electronic Torah database which is made available free of charge (even for commercial purposes, subject to license terms). Ancient books are scanned and converted from image to a digital text document. Thereafter each text undergoes meticulous proofreading and is made available to the general public, freely accessible online. Anyone who so wishes can benefit from the database - private individuals, publishing houses, projects such as “Torat Emet”, “Aron haSfarim haYehudi on Wikisource” and “Sefaria”. It is our hope, that, B”H, also a desktop program for offline use, a kind of Responsa Project, will be issued soon. Our vision is to transfer all traditional Torah books to precise digital texts. Together we can!

How it works

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