General public

  • The final product is a free digital database of Torah books with a search software as well as an online interface on the website.
  • We deliberately chose to make the books available under a free license, which permits their usage even for commercial purposes (subject to terms), for the following reasons:
    • this encourages massive collaborative correction of errors thus raising the level of accuracy and therefore the quality of the books;
    • this minimizes investment for publishing houses thus reducing the prices of printed books.


  • The donors are given the opportunity to make maximum use of their ma’aser money: benefit the general public while performing the highest level of charity towards Torah scholars.
  • They will gain merit for facilitating Torah learning: a book, once published under a free license, is put at the disposal of the general public for eternity, since there will never be a need to type it again.
  • Fulfilling the commandment “beyomo titen skharo”: the beneficiary acquires the money (which he got in advance as a loan) the moment he finishes his norm.
  • The dedications section included in the books constitutes (according to the license terms 4K, 4L) an inseparable part that must appear whenever a third party (such as a publishing house) should wish to distribute them.

Kollel students

  • In depth study of the book that a kollel student works on.
  • Respectable income within his occupation area: combining work with learning (especially suitable for the “libo khafets kollels”).
  • The reward is according to output: no pressure, the work is done at individual pace, at free time and without obligations.

Charity funds

  • The charities’ budget grows as new local donors find interest in the Pninim Project.
  • An opportunity for communal charity funds to extend the circle of donors beyond the neighborhood.