We at “Pninim” work on the fulfilling of the vision - converting all classic Torah books to precise digital texts and providing them to the general public at no charge under a free license. This will allow for texts’ quick search, their effective storage and preservation, unprecedented accessibility and impact. To this end we develop infrastructure, tools and digital interfaces and coordinate proof-reading efforts undertaken in cooperation with different charity funds throughout the country. This way we also create occupation for the needy Kollel students within the area of their expertise. Each your donation, and especially a recurring one, constitutes the foundation of our activity and its expansion.

If you wish to support the Pninim project itself, please call us on this phone number 00972-58-484-7557 (also WhatsApp) or inform us via email contact@pninim.org when it’s convenient to call you. Donations to Pninim are tax-deductible under the section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.

If you wish to donate for the sake of adding new books, please, contact charity fund of your choice (clarify whether it cooperates with “Pninim”). If you have no specific preferences it’s possible to accomplish via “Nedarim Plus” through the following charity funds (all of them eligible for tax-deduction under the section 46):

Additional ways to help