We work together with many local charities (קופות צדקה) all over the country and their number is constantly growing. We thus enable everyone to practice “Your town’s needy come first” (עניי עירך קודמים), or, alternatively, to support specific communities, e.g. in the rural areas, as they see fit. Any charity fund can join “Pninim” but with only one condition: 100% of the money raised for the project will find its way to the kollel students who will work on its behalf on the development of the database. The fund will keep no percentage of the money raised for itself.

  1. You donate to a charity fund of your choice and inform us of the that (by phone/WhatsApp +972-58-484-7557 or email donations@pninim.org). You can pass us dedications and “in memory of” (לעילוי נשמה) which will enter one of the books being edited by the charity. If a particular fund does not yet collaborate with “Pninim”, we will appreciate your informing them of our initiative and suggesting that they join. Or, you can tell us (contact@pninim.org) of your interest that a certain fund participates and we will contact them.

  2. When a sufficiently meaningful budget is accumulated, the fund finds kollel student to work on the project on its behalf and introduces him to us. It will inform us of the sum to be allotted monthly in order to put an end to his state of “neediness”, and we provide him with work accordingly. The sum will be determined by the fund’s criteria after examining the financial state of the beneficiary. It is possible to offer support to a specific person, perhaps even without him knowing about it, by informing us or the fund.

  3. The fund then transfers the sum to the person, and we send him the text for proofreading. Remuneration is computed based on accomplishment: the rate for payment is NIS 100 per 10,000 characters. For example, if the sum of NIS 3000 was approved for someone, he needs to supply 300,000 characters to “Pninim” per month (10,000 * (3,000 / 100)).

  4. The editor, having proofread his monthly quota text, will pass it on to us. After checking the work quality we make it available to the general public, send to the editor a new text and inform the fund that the next monthly payment can be transferred to him.

It is important to stress that according to this procedure:

  • the fund can never be in debt to the beneficiary, since he is always paid in advance and only if budget is available;
  • there is no employer-employee relationship/monthly salary but only results oriented reward.